Feeture – For the Love of Jordans – The Man with the Michael Jordan Tattoo


TWOTF: Final question Chris what do you think of the sneaker game at present?

Chris: Horrible! Just horrible! There’s too much hype around sneakers and some releases are not all that in terms of the creativity or the designs there’s just this massive hype around it all – like the Ronnie Fieg Asics for example there is so much hype around these shoes that are just released every couple of months in a different colourway. And because of the hype the Moms and Pops stores hike up the prices and it’s straight up crazy because a lot of these local spots will have the shoes on release day and they’ll be charging double for them when you can get them on general release for their correct retail price. Then people who have connections get hold of shoes and sell them for exorbitant prices too, it’s so cutthroat and it means that the whole game is just horrible. There’s no love. That’s where it’s at right now.


Big big shouts to Chris for letting us into his home and his head and for letting us see a little piece of what is a very sick collection of Jordans and of course his Jordan leg. Much Love. Holler at Chris, a proper proper Jordanhead on Instagram just follow @jordansnink .


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