Niketown London – the UK’s Air Max Day Epicentre


That’s right people for all our London and UK crew Niketown London is where it’s at and if you haven’t been down there yet to see the amazing Air Max-ness come on down ASAP and check it out. The store is really buzzing right now and we would recommend coming down just for a wander, do an ID, have your kicks cleaned and personalised, have a little boogie. In the words of DJ Khaled…it’s a vibe so come and check it out.

HTM Factory of Air
For the first time consumers become part of the HTM collaboration through Nike’s personalization service NIKEiD
Nike_AMW_NTL_22.03.16-090 Nike_AMW_NTL_22.03.16-209
Masters of Air
Masters of Air are passionate ambassadors of Air Max culture and connoisseurs of all things Visible Air. Nike Town London showcases UK collector, Stevey Ryder’s top 25 most cherished Air Max.
Nike_AMW_NTL_22.03.16-109 Nike_AMW_NTL_22.03.16-066
Sneakers Cube
HTMiD: For the first time H-T-M silhouettes, material and colour palettes are available to consumers with a limited amount of units
Nike_AMW_NTL_22.03.16-168 Nike_AMW_NTL_22.03.16-199
Personalisation services: 7 Days of Air Max sees the launch of Nike’s premium Lasering / Engraving Service that can be used on certain Air Max models, shoe trees, dubraes and lace tips
Nike_AMW_NTL_22.03.16-076 Nike_AMW_NTL_22.03.16-156 Nike_AMW_NTL_22.03.16-034 Nike_AMW_NTL_22.03.16-217

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