Master of Air Stevey Ryder’s Top 25 Air Maxes

Yes yes people you may remember that we ran an interview way back when TWOTF began with Air Max 1 King Stevey Ryder AKA @solelove1 and since that time Stevey has become a good friend and supporter of the team here at The Word on the Feet.

On Sunday morning before Niketown London opened we were given a sneak preview of the store and its Air Max Day 2016 makeover which included the most amazing Pompidou centre-esque display of Stevey’s top 25 Air Maxes. And we were blown away by the display, the rare air and the condition of the kicks too which were just immaculate. What we witnessed was Air Max history in Niketown London and collecting at its finest. Huge props to Stevey and to Nike too for making it happen.

Stevey will also be the subject of Nike’s Master of Air series which from the very limited info that we have from Instagram and YouTube footage is a video series that gives a massive nod of respect to the world’s greatest Nike Air collectors and of course Stevey is one of the greatest  for sure (yup we said it!) and his display in Niketown London is testament to that. If you’re in London make it a priority to get down and see it.

Check out our pics below and the teaser videos for the Masters of Air series. Massive massive respect to Mr. Ryder! And make sure you’re following his Instagram @solelove1

And as Stevey says: “Imagine life without sneakers…”

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