SneakerToons and Prez One – Take it to the MAX!

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Hot on the air cushioned heels of the their sellout debut collaboration. SneakerToons and Prez_One are back, and taking it to the MAX!

These guys are certainly not “full of air”, but for their second release it looks like their making an exception. Keeping it old skool, they have cherry picked from the legendary “Air Max” series from Nike to bring you yet another unbelievably cool set of pin badges, that will take your breath away.

More Avant Garde than the Pompidou centre Gary (AKA Prez_One) lives up to his innovative reputation and does justice to Tinker’s dream, and the creative duo offer us a dope 2-pack comprising of the SneakerToon AirMax One and accompanying vintage sneaker box. These sets of limited edition, numbered pins are seriously dope. All hand crafted and containing…..pause for air……. a transparent bubble! Yes thats right….a transparent air bubble!!!!

With 5 Legendary CW’s but only 20 sets of each world wide you better not sleep on these.These Airmazing pin sets are available NOW exclusively at sneakertoons.bigcartel.com

Follow Steve Piantoni on Instagram @piantoni7 and Society6

Follow Gary Preza on Instagram and Twitter at @prez_one

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