Diadora N9000 x BAIT ‘Notti Veneziane’


In step the BAIT crew with what looks like a banging start to 2016 taking the Diadora N9000, arguably one of the most successful collab silhouette makeups of 2015, and putting a super slick, super high quality touch on the N9000.

Paying homage to Venice the Notti Veneziane is a nod to the Italian City of Water and draws inspiration from the culture, art, music and vibrant life that can be found there. And these are like Rolls Royce interior when it comes to the materials; Italian leathers and nubuck, snakeskin, premium leathers. And there are some sick details on these too from the gold embossed insoles, the heel pull, that tongue button, that shortbread biscuit gum sole! Sheesh….

BAIT are definitely coming out blazing and setting the collab bar high for 2016 these drop on Saturday Jan 9th at all BAIT chapter stores and via online raffle here. GOOD LUCK PEOPLE!

bait-diadora-notti-veneziane-1 bait-diadora-venice-07 bait-diadora-venice-05 bait-diadora-venice-02 bait-diadora-venice-01 bait-diadora-notti-veneziane-3 bait-diadora-venice-03bait-diadora-notti-veneziane-2


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