Diadora x Patta ‘From Seoul to Rio’ – Jamaican Record Breaker


WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH! Damn straight up and down the Patta guys have killed it with this makeup and one of the most amazing collab themes we have ever seen. This could also be the dopest Olympic collab this year.

So in case you didn’t know Jamaican born athlete Ben Johnson broke his own world record at the Seoul Olympics in 1988 in the 100m sprint. But after testing positive for restricted substances Johnson was stripped of his world record in one of the biggest Olympics scandals ever. Johnson represented Canada at the games but to the dismay of the Jamaican community around the globe Johnson was referred to as “Jamaican born” much more after his fall from grace. And in 1988 Ben Johnson was sponsored by Diadora. This amazing collab from Patta and Diadora tells that story in amazing fashion.

Patta’s take on the pack uses a colour combination of plum, rose, blue and grey to create a fresh and energetic look overall. While presenting the same construction as the original model, the Diadora x Patta I.C. 4000 sneaker mixes premium nubuck and nylon mesh set atop a clean midsole. In addition, the lining of the shoes as well as the jacket are adorned with “9:79” and the Jamaican map, referencing the controversial world record set (and later rescinded) by former Diadora-sponsored sprinter Ben Johnson.

The collection drops instore and online Aug 6. FIYAH!

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