Hummel Hive Marathona OG ‘North Sea Pack’


We got to grips with one of our favourite Hummel models, the Marathona OG, part of an amazing ‘North Sea’ release that also includes the HB Team.

With heavy inspiration from objects and terms connected to the sea in general and the North Sea in particular, this dual sneaker release is packed with surprising elements. As a nod to hummel’s headquarters on the harbour in Aarhus, the latitude and longitude of Aarhus Harbour can be found on the tongue of the sneakers. Laces are inspired by sailing rope patterns, while the colourways express the cold hues of the North Sea. Bright red pops symbolise the ocean buoys and combined with neoprene materials found in sailing boat gloves and boots, the zigzag stitching found in sail construction, and lace details inspired by classic deck shoes, this release boasts meticulous attention to detail throughout.

The North Sea Pack is a new addition to the HUMMEL HIVE series of contemporary sneakers and apparel under the hummel brand. With a big focus on historic archive designs, their Danish design heritage, and their unique connection with sport, this pack is a unique example of Danish design in the 21st century.

Available NOW.


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