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Diadora launches its new brand campaign for Fall/Winter 2017 where a new generation takes on sportswear style. The result is an ode to passion where the 90s sports vibes of Diadora and its #makeitbright attitude meet and merge through the eyes of today’s youth. The campaign was shot by Los Angeles-based videographer Alex 2Tone and L.A. photographer Curtis Buchanan.


Diadora’s FW17 “Live Your Passion” campaign spotlights members of the Diadora team, exemplifying their passion for life. Musician Tommy Genesis frontline the campaign, which Diadora scores with Genesis’ hit song “Execute”. Other members of this season’s

Diadora squad are influenced by their own passions, originating in sports. Their names are Markel, Lucas, Naleye and Leandre. These friends join Tommy as they turn their urban landscape into a positive moment with friends.

“Living Your Passion” means applying what you love to everything you do, turning the ordinary into extraordinary. It’s about being true to yourself, and sharing positivity with your friends. Diadora Sportswear is there for those who “Live Their Passion” with authenticity. The 360° campaign will be launched on August 5th.


Tommy Genesis is an LA based rapper, producer and visual artist. She lives her passion every day. She incorporates music into everything she does, and has gone from being relatively unknown to headlining her end-of-year 2017 shows, a testament to her work ethic. Markel Williams is a model and socialite with a big love for sports and photography. Naleye Junior is a DJ who lives for his music, Lucas Bin is a musician always playing his guitar when he is not skating or surfing. Leandre Sanders is renowned skater on the downtown LA scene.

Diadora supports those who “Live Their Passion”, emerging talents in music, art and sports.

Tommy Genesis: @tommygenesis
Markel Williams: @markelwilliams
Naleye Junior: @naleyejunior
Lucas Bin: @lucasbin
Leandre Sanders: @leandre.sanders


Diadora Sportswear’s FW17 collection embodies the victories of the past and the dreams of the future. Iconic athletic wear of yesterday’s heroes makes a comeback with modern silhouettes, including Diadora’s footwear style B. Original Vulcanize, and the revival of terrace model Tokyo.

FW17 Sportswear apparel recaptures the magic of the 1994 FIFA World Cup, where Italy’s soccer team came close to achieving the American Dream. Sweatshirts and jersey tees take these inspirations and add a contemporary twist to make the new collection fresh and current. The track jacket made famous by star player Roberto Baggio is a standout from the capsule. Now these revisitations take on a cool urban slant re materials and fits. By contrast, colours and prints are the same as the original. The collection focuses attention particularly on young people, aiming to convey a positive message, most of all by inviting them to follow their passions and dreams.

Diadora Live Your Passion Aw17 20Diadora Live Your Passion Aw17 19Diadora Live Your Passion Aw17 17Diadora Live Your Passion Aw17 18Diadora Live Your Passion Aw17Diadora Live Your Passion Aw17 5Diadora Live Your Passion Aw17 9Diadora Live Your Passion Aw17 10Diadora Live Your Passion Aw17 13Diadora Live Your Passion Aw17 6Diadora Live Your Passion Aw17 12Diadora Live Your Passion Aw17 3Diadora Live Your Passion Aw17 2Diadora Live Your Passion Aw17 11Diadora Live Your Passion Aw17 7Diadora Live Your Passion Aw17 8Diadora Live Your Passion Aw17 15Diadora Live Your Passion Aw17 4Diadora Live Your Passion Aw17 14

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