Nike shares drop after Zion Williamson’s on court crumble


Shares of Nike fell nearly 2 percent a couple of days ago as upcoming basketball star Zion Williamson, tipped as the next big thing since King Lebron, literally felt his sole crumbling beneath him only 33 seconds into the game.

Williamson who plays for the Duke Blue Devils sprained his knee in the sneaker blowout as the soles of his Nike PG 2.5 went under on Wednesday night on court in North Carolina.

Nike wished Zion well but shares in the company fell by close to 2% on Friday, whilst rivals adidas and Puma saw theirs edging up.

Nike sponsors Williamson’s team the Duke Blue Devils but maybe should be doing more quality control on the kicks. Might be time to buy some shares whilst the price is on the low…


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