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Nike Air Zoom Flight 98 The Glove

niketheglove3   NiketheGlove2   nikethegloveheat

We’re still waiting for Gary Payton’s signature shoe the Air Zoom Flight 98 to surface in stores I am in particular waiting for the OG colourway and I am really excited about adding these to the collection. There was rumour of a March release and that hasn’t happened yet but let’s hope they hit stores soon.

For those of you wondering why they called Gary Payton the Glove here’s a bit of history for you. It actually all began in 1993 in the Western Conference Finals. So good was his man marking in defense when up against Kevin Johnson of the Phoenix Suns his cousin called him to tell him that he had been “holding Johnson like a baseball in a glove”. The name stuck and in 1998 Nike hit the Air Zoom Flight 98 with a proper glove.

There are a bunch of images of different colourways floating around on the web and in addition to the OG colourway another stand out cop-worthy colourway are the Miami Heat inspired pair, don’t forget Payton won his only championship with the Heat in 2005-6.

So these shoes are definitely are part of sneaker history, but enough of the history for now come on Nike let’s have these released already!

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