The Hundreds Hoya East vs West CAST YOUR VOTES

Vote-for-RSWD-01-790x1024       Vote-for-GRND-01-790x1024GET VOTING!

The Hoya by the Hundreds is in competition mode again this time with the Hundreds’ camps in LA and NY going head to head with their takes on the Hoya. The shoes will be released today and you can vote for which pair you think are the best design on Facebook at

This is what the competitors had to say about their respective designs:

“The Rosewood shoe was inspired by my personal style and what I thought would appeal to the customers who shop on ‘The Block.’ I was going for a fun color palette and fun textures, and I think we achieved that with this shoe.”

-Umi Wagoner, Rosewood Store Manager

“It was pretty simple. We came together as a team and made decisions together as a team. We all like Jordan 3s, so that’s why we chose to do an elephant print on the shoe. But most important, we wanted to make a timeless shoe – a shoe that could worn in the winter or in the summer, no problem.”

-Mone Perez, Grand Store Manger

Have to respect the Hundreds and how they do and how they involve the heads in their label – nuff respect!

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