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Eff about!!! RAF Simons x Adidas 2013/2014

raf-simons-adidas-originals-2014 1       raf-simons-adidas-originals-2014

Ok after covering the Lanvin luxury I stumble on pics of the Raf Simons Adidas collection and I was like whoah some of these are really serious pieces of footwear. Now I don’t like all the models but step aside Jeremy Scott it’s getting kinda played out, I mean how many different variations on the JS Wings can there be? Step in Raf and he steps really hard with this collection. Fine materials, a futuristic, Kill Bill kick your arse kinda style, this lineup of kicks are straight out of the future. I’m still deciding which ones I like  and with a really broad collection that features 8 models in a bunch of colours there is plenty to choose from. I don’t even know what some of these are it’s as though he’s created his own shoes I mean the yellow joints which I’m definitely feeling have a Micropacer type velcro front with a ZX sole and then those boots are seriously ill too. And what about those snakeskin ones are those a Stan Smith velcro with a fatter strap? The materials look really good too. Jeremy Scott has created some great shoes but these are not just amazing creations these are damn slick too, futuristic arse kicking kicks. I am sure the purists among us will turn up noses but there are a few of these (def the yellow pair) that look real serious.

Look out for these in 2014.

raf-simons-for-adidas-2014-spring-summer-collection-01 raf-simons-for-adidas-2014-spring-summer-collection-2-640x426 raf-simons-for-adidas-2014-spring-summer-collection-7-640x426 raf-simons-for-adidas-2014-spring-summer-collection-6-640x426 raf-simons-for-adidas-2014-spring-summer-collection-5-640x426 raf-simons-for-adidas-2014-spring-summer-collection-4-640x426 raf-simons-for-adidas-2014-spring-summer-collection-3-640x426 adidas-by-RAF-SIMONS_SS14_2-620x413 raf-simons-for-adidas-2014-spring-summer-collection-12-640x426 raf-simons-for-adidas-2014-spring-summer-collection-13-640x426 raf-simons-for-adidas-2014-spring-summer-collection-10-640x426 raf-simons-for-adidas-2014-spring-summer-collection-9-640x426 raf-simons-for-adidas-2014-spring-summer-collection-11-640x426 raf-simons-for-adidas-2014-spring-summer-collection-14-640x426

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