Mizuno Wave Rider 16 – Wendy Davis’ Filibusters

Mizuno Waverunner 16 davis 2       Mizuno Waverunner 16 davis 3


Texas Senator Wendy Davis went all out last week to block a bill that has become a keystone in the battle for reproductive rights, SB5, a bill that would force all but 5 of Texas’ abortion clinics to close. State senator Wendy Davis endured a marathon filibuster to block the passage of the bill and spoke for 10 hours and 45 minutes without eating, drinking OR LEANING. Her effort may not be enough to block the bill in the second special session that takes place today but her effort was indeed a valiant one.

What brings this story to The Word on the Feet is that there has been much buzz on the internet about the kicks that Wendy was wearing the above Mizuno Wave Rider 16. No Jordans or Lebrons here but just the kinda kicks that you can wear for 10 hours whilst you’re doing your best to kick a bill that you believe should not come to pass into touch.  And a determined Wendy Davis in her Mizunos will I’m sure do everything that she can to keep kicking that bill out this week.

Leading to a ton of customer reviews in reference to Davis on Amazon and some in-Amazon customer debate Davis’ shoes have become the shoes to filibust in:

Mizuno Waverunner 16 davis1

Let’s not take anything away from what Senator Davis was trying to do and her determination to do so by focusing on her kicks but if there was an occasion when one could say thank @£$& for those shoes because I might not have been able to stand up there fighting my corner without these comfy bad boys then this was most definitely it.

And Texas Governer Rick Perry may get those Mizunos right up where the sun don’t shine as he chose to get personal with Davis accusing Davis of failing “to learn from her mistakes” in reference to Davis having become a mother at a young age. If anyone warrants a foot up the…I’d have Perry on my list.

Let’s hope Wendy has a new pair of wave runners for the battle that will ensue this week.

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