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Ong…BACK – Monarchii X SBTG X Pras Nike Urban Tiger Pack

monarchii-sbtg-pras-urban-tiger-pack-1       monarchii-sbtg-pras-urban-tiger-pack-2


Hold your mother@#$%^&g horses, hold the phone, SBTG back up in this. Damn. Since 2003 there has been no one in the sneaker customisation game like SBTG himself Mark Ong no one that really takes sneaker customisation to the level that he has and continues to, as seen with this latest work. These are not some Jordan 6s in a Jordan IV colourway, no instead it can be argued that an SBTG custom is indeed a work of art on a shoe. Always pushing the boundaries, always using a wide range of colours, textures and materials whether it be Jordans, Dunks, AF1s, Converse, or DCs as his canvas.

Ong himself once said:

“Use everything around you to create, to translate whatever’s in your head.”

monarchii-sbtg-pras-urban-tiger-pack-3       monarchii-sbtg-pras-urban-tiger-pack-dunkhi-profile-6

monarchii-sbtg-pras-urban-tiger-pack-5       monarchii-sbtg-pras-urban-tiger-pack-7

And that’s exactly what has happened here as back comes SBTG to drop the Nike Urban Tiger pack in conjunction with his protege Pras from SBTG Art Academy fame and clothing brand Monarchii and these are straight fire. On the Air Jordan 6, the Air Force One Low, the Dunk Hi and the Air Max we see a mix of materials including horse hair and denim – the AF1s, Dunks and 90s are just straight up dope with that orange Tony the Tiger hair. I know we’ve seen the teeth on a 90 before but the teeth here work so well with that red tiger camo. With signatures from all three – a Monarchii tongue tab, the Pras tag and of course the SBTG Arabic sig – these go very hard and prove that the creative force that is SBTG is still very capable of creating something very unique on a shoe. You can always feel the energy in a pair of SBTG kicks, hard and aggressive and that spirit of rebellion that led Ong to call himself SBTG, short for Sabotage.

Numbers are extremely limited with 10 pairs available in the Dunk Hi, two pairs in both the AF1 and Air Max 90 variations and just one Air Jordan 6. These dropped a couple days ago on the Monarchii website and I can’t believe there’s still pairs left. We must be sleeping.

Great to see SBTG putting some pairs out there in 2013.

monarchii-sbtg-pras-urban-tiger-pack-10       monarchii-sbtg-pras-urban-tiger-pack-9

monarchii-sbtg-pras-urban-tiger-pack-af1-toe-quarter-8       monarchii-sbtg-pras-urban-tiger-pack-4

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