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Which Wedges? Extra Hi Tops from Nike Reebok Adidas and Puma

nike-wmns-air-revolution-sky-hi-safari-5-570x381       alicia-keys-reebok-freestyle-hi-wedge-a-keys-collection-1

adidas-originals-womens-amberlight-up-sneaker-wedge-fall-winter-2013-1       Puma-Alexander-JOUSTESSE-1

Wedges wanted?

Love ’em or hate em it is clear that the sneaker wedge is here to stay and whilst the sneaker purists amongst us still might have a hard time accepting the hybrid as a fully fledged member of the sneaker world it seems they work and they sell and as a result we’re seeing all the major sneaker releasing sneaker wedges. As new editions to our world they have pulled in their wearers too who love  sneaks but love that wedge, heel, and like to strut their stuff with that catwalk kinda swagger in a pair of wedges that are hidden in some sneaks or some sneaks that are wrapped around some wedges, whatever the correct hybrid order may be. Are they just a wedge heel shoved into a hi top or do they stand alone as a sneaker? I think time will tell and at present I think the sneakerhead jury is out on that one.

I’m still on the fence but have to admit that there are some pretty fly sneaker wedges out there and so I thought I’d feature what the big four have to offer those who are in favour of wedge assisted elevation.

Nike Air Revolution Sky Hi

nike-wmns-air-revolution-sky-hi-safari-2       nike-wmns-air-revolution-sky-hi-safari-3

Come on people these ones go hard. I’m definitely feeling these. And they kinda stay true to the originals albeit a little higher. But that height is what I like giving them an almost Back to the Future type look about them. That safari print straight from the Air Assaults is nice too. Also we’ve seen Nike do the wedge mainly with the Dunk Hi so it’s nice that they’ve opted for another model with these. All in all these ones are at the top of my list. You can get these at spots like offspring right now.

Alexander McQueen x Puma Joustesse Mid Wedge

06.28.13-Puma-Alexander-McQueen-JOUSTESSE-3       Puma-Alexander-McQueen-JOUSTESSE-2

As always the McQueen stable come with a premium makeup and after the badass fur collared Joustesse  that was absolutely banging they come back with a strong wedge here with premium materials as always but that hook fastening is the design touch that makes these just that little bit special. These will be hitting retailers soon.

Adidas Originals Amberlight Up

adidas-originals-womens-amberlight-up-sneaker-wedge-fall-winter-2013-g95641-2       adidas-originals-womens-amberlight-up-sneaker-wedge-fall-winter-2013-3

Nothing complicated a throwback to the 90s Amberlights but with wedge wedged in. Nice set of colourways here as the trefoil wedges itself into the game (sorry couldn’t help myself on that one). These are part of the Adidas ‘This Way Up’ collection and will be dropping this autumn.

Alicia Keys x Reebok Freestyle Hi Wedge

alicia-keys-reebok-freestyle-hi-wedge-a-keys-collection-3       alicia-keys-reebok-freestyle-hi-wedge-a-keys-collection-2

These have been around for a minute. Keys I’m sure gets the endorsement thanks to husband Swizz Beats but much like previous Reebok entertainment endorsements I have to say that the creativity is lacking on these. I think we’ve seen these freestyle colourways before so what’s happened Alicia Keys has stamped her name on them but not much else. Still the freestyle is a classic silhouette and now brought right up to date with added wedge. These are available now.

Which wedges will you choose?

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