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Extra Butter x Asics Death List Five – Fearsome Fivesome

death-list-5-extra-butter-asics-pack       extra-butter-asics-dl5-teaser-1-640x426

Dayamnnn is all we can say with this truly fearsome fivesome. The NY crew have really gone hard with the Martial Arts Movie inspired Death List Five. And they keep that theme running through the pack with the ‘Cottonmouth’ Gel Sagas, the ‘Copperhead’ GL IIIs, the ‘California Mountain Snake’ Gel Epirus, that flowery ‘Sidewinder’ GT Cool, and the ‘Snake Charmer’ GL Vs. Great to see some models being pulled out of the Asics Archive for this Deadly pack. Love those GT Cools and great to see the Epirus come out for this pack. Something for everyone with this five pack and we’re particularly loving the Sagas with that purple fade a la SLAM JAMs and that pink lining is a lovely touch. And those GL Vs with that brown leather and purple paisley mix, with that wooly fleecy stuff look so damn nice. No firm release info as yet but hoping we’ll get these UK side of the pond.

death-list-5-asics-extra-butter-collection-01-570x379       death-list-5-asics-extra-butter-collection-04-570x379

death-list-5-asics-extra-butter-collection-05-570x379       death-list-5-asics-extra-butter-collection-02-570x379


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