The King’s Comments…Are trainers the new drug???




The King is back in the Word On The Feet Building, thank you, thank you for this platform, the King will always be grateful. It’s was a crazy week last week hence the lateness of this post, with all the events and drops it has been a complete and utter madness!!!

Which brings me to my topic of today day is the current craze of the trainer game, madness or hype or are we in a new era of it getting worse. I know I wrote a post about hype a couple weeks ago but I gotta re-address it in a different way.

Around about 6:40am on Saturday morning, just over a week ago, as usual I turn up to Crepe City 10 (I am normally the 1st person at most events I take part in the King puts the work in) but it was crazy as I got there I see kids young enough to be mine (please note the King is still yet to have a prince or princess but I am old enough to have a 20 year old lol) bringing their fold up chairs to camp out at an event, I was like WTF!! These kids ain’t going to play football or play in the park they camping for kicks? Whoa I had to check myself and see what was the King doing at that age…Er ok let’s not get into that the FBI may be reading this. So anyway as I was saying the kids were camping and then I asked one of them how much have you got to spend on kicks? One boy who could not have been past 16 said £500? I said what? Come again? What? With a smile on his face he said YEAH!!  You should have seen my face it’s like the crown had just fallen off my head? But the crazy thing is I know he was telling the truth and was willing to spend each and every penny on the right pair.

SONY DSC        sneaker-con-nyc-december-2011-26

Also if you have been under a rock this last couple of weeks you would have noticed the Diamond Supply Tiffany Dunks dropped… I heard the queue was crazy etc but what was even more crazy was the fact a few boys rocked up to Crepe City 10 and were selling pairs for £350!! And there were a bunch of takers like it was nothing???

So is this craziness, hype a new name that I can’t think of right now… what is it?  And who do we blame? Do you blame the seller or the buyer? ‘Cause truth be told if I can get as much as possible for any pair of trainers I would NO DOUBT, ’cause I got to feed a Kingdom! But some of these kids aint feeding anyone they are not playing one bit they’re flipping trainers like its crack in the 80’s? And the fiends are out in full force!!

With that all said this Crepe City was a good event it was exciting etc and yeah the King made a little money but our table was fair and people still wanted to knock our prices down.

So are trainers the new crack rock? Sorry to make a drug reference but you know what I mean! People are now investing in trainers like it’s stocks and shares and are winning!!!

Are you winning? Let us know your thoughts on this leave your comments below, tweet, Instagram me or text me God Damn it the King wants to know!!!

Peace and Retweets

Until The Next Time!!


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  1. It’s all gone crazy when it comes to trainers. It terms of the crazy prices people are willing to pay its a combination of the buyers/sellers but more importantly trainer companies. Right now every week there are several ‘limited releases’ that get really hyped up. It makes these kids do almost anything to get them. It’s not just the ‘big one’, all the trainer companies are doing it. Stick a limited tag or a x b collaboration then chances probably increase 10 fold of a instant sellout. Paying £350 for a pair of tiff dunks that were released a week ago for £90 is madness in my eyes. But like that crack, people will do anything to get that latest hype. I do think think trainer companies should be a bit more responsible but that’s another conversation altogether.

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