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Nike Lebron 11 South Beach Drops June 21st


Hard luck Miami Heat…but the kicks are still hot!

Ahhhhh King Lebron didn’t make it a 3PEAT as the Spurs took victory last night and who knows whether that’ll have the Nike Lebron shoe sales plummeting? We’ll leave that to you guys to think about.

But in classic if it ain’t broke don’t fix it fashion the Nike Lebron 11 South Beach drops this weekend globally and come on now these look damn good and that killer South Beach colourway definitely lives on after the defeat on the court….gonna be a tough cop that’s for sure…

Lebron_11_Southbeach_330_3qtr_0217_FB-635x481 Lebron_11_Southbeach_330_3qtr_back_low_0054_FB-635x520

Lebron_11_Southbeach_330_top_0196_FB-635x313 Lebron_11_Southbeach_330_outsole_0010_FB-635x274


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