The King’s Comments…is this all a game?

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So the King is back in the building!! I hope you have all had a good week!! What did you Kop? Probably Jordans huh? I gotta firstly take my hat off to Michael Jordan for becoming a billionaire who would have thought that the skinny kid born in New York and playing for North Carolina then the Chicago Bulls then baseball then the wizards to owning the Hornets (Bobcats) would end up a self made billionaire!! Seriously from the bottom of the King’s heart we salute you MJ you are one of the better role models!! #Salute

Speaking of winning and consistency have you noticed that his Jordan Brand is also winning??? It’s kinda crazy that the Jordan Brand is banging out the colourways and then ironically a leaked picture crops up on the internet the weekend after a massive Jordan 6 release weekend. This brings me on to today’s topic… “IS THIS ALL A GAME” I mean look at this weekend the Brazil 6s drop then the Champs and Cigar drop along with two 11s and Jordan 1s its completely crazy!! How does Jordan Brand expect everyone to afford all these kicks or do you think they actually care? Is it just a game to see how many kicks these consumers can consume? Now hold up this ain’t some bitch and moan about too many releases etc… its more of a constructive conversation… Do you think that Nike Jordan Brand actually know its way too much but they still force the releases to be the most dominant brand in footwear history and I mean history over all brands. Jordan must be up there as the most bought sneakers of all time??


Anyway I digress have you ever thought “Hold on” theses Jordan are coming out rapidly and why is it as soon as you get the one you want they bring out another one slightly different a bit with that same special feature look at the Brazil 6s they came out with that slight speckle on the sole so then a few days later after they come out with a leak picture of a possible new 6 Oreo with exactly the same speckle but in all black and white. Do you think they planned this??? I mean they would have sold the 6s anyway but it makes you think that there is some Jordan marketing man that is like in the boardroom saying “Let ’em have it no holding back!!” And then they are just dropping kick after kick! I think they have released more Jordans this year than any other year in history and we are only 6 months through the year. And come to think they are saying in 2015 the retros are going to be better in terms of quality plus they are going to focus on really making them identical to the originals which means higher prices and more money on top.


So do you think they are playing us and why do you think we are allowing ourselves to be played or are we even aware we are being played? They release the kicks hold the picture till after we have parted with our money then BANG! They hit us with another dope trainer. And they are dope the colours, the concepts the detail is getting better, but we are being treated like crack addicts… feed them with the pictures let them fiend for the Sneakers then hit them with a teaser pic tell them its limited then, hit them with the first release date then cancel it then hit them with one a week after then… You got them!!

Yeah you really got them!

Think about it…

Keep It Kinging


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