Jamaica Shoe Drive Report

After distributing the shoes we headed up with Mr. Lee from the Mission to the Mission’s homeless shelter. Here we were given a tour by the centre manager, Mr. Escoffrey. Mr. Escoffrey explained that the centre provides separate housing for men and women with the goal of providing safe shelter, and providing support to enable the people housed there to reintegrate into society. Many of the people that come through the doors of the refuge have been through abuse and trauma, have been victims of addiction and many have been homeless for long periods of time. Mr. Escoffrey explained how he tries hard to show the residents of the centre that they just have to believe that their lives can change, that they can change their lives, and that is their first step forward.







The refuge also has a farming area at the back where residents can be actively involved in farming and help contribute to growing food and looking after animals that provide sources of food and income for the Mission.

We didn’t have time to make it out to the Mission’s larger farm but hope to make that trip happen in the next couple of months.

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