Jamaica Shoe Drive Report

It was a very moving experience in Jamaica and we have embarked on first steps with local partners on the island and hope to continue assisting both St. Peter Claver Basic School and the Open Heart Charitable Mission.


And it all could not have been possible without the kind donations of shoes and clothing so we would like to thank everyone that donated and helped make this trip possible. It is hard for many of us to imagine not having a pair of shoes on our feet or clothes on our back, but that is a reality for some in Jamaica. And the shoes that we distributed, made a change, no matter how small or big, in the lives of those that we met over the last couple of weeks. And that is HUGE. So BIG UP YOU GUYS and thank you so much for your support, our two shoe drives have helped so many people have a decent pair of shoes on their feet!


We would also like to say a number of thank yous: thanks to Shirley Tucker from St. Peter Claver Basic School, to Robert Clare, Andrea, Shirley, Mr. Lee and Mr. Escoffrey from the Open Heart Charitable Mission in Montego Bay. Shouts to Mervin Lee at Kingston Wharf and shouts to the Thomson representative and the baggage supervisor at Montego Bay Airport. Massive HUGE thanks go out to Jonathan and to PK from PK Insurance Ltd and PK Financial Ltd for covering the costs of shipping, customs and taxes and our rental car in Jamaica – we could not have done it without your help, we really could not have. We would also like to thank the King of Trainers and the crew from Crepe City for helping us with the shoe drive at both the Breakin’ Convention Park Jam and the last Crepe City. BIG UPS to all the crew from The Word on the Feet, from Street Weird, LaLas Loveables and COMEinUNITY. Shout outs to Hughes, to France and to Stevie, Aria, Annabelle, Kianne, Raechen, Jaiden, Monet and Archer. BIG MASSIVE SHOUTS to Suzie for holding down the shoe drive boxes, for spreading the word, collecting shoes and clothing, and helping get those barrels packed in time. And last but by no means least big up the crew that made it out to Jamaica and also put in the work alongside everyone else running around, collecting donations, sorting out the shipping, spreading the word and everything else to help make it all happen; Carrlean, Niala and Steve. The Hustle really was really real! It was frustrating and stressful but we made it happen and we made a change.

Please also check out the website of the Open Heart Mission HERE

We are definitely going to continue our work and hope that all those that have helped will continue to do so as we move forward….watch this space.

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    • Hey there. We will be doing some collections in September and will be posting up about that via our instagram @streetweird so keep an eye out for the info. Thanks for your message.

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