Jamaica Shoe Drive Report


We would firstly like to apologise for the lack of updates on the site in the last couple of weeks as we have been away and part of the reason for our absence is that we have been in Jamaica distributing the shoes and clothing that were kindly donated to those in need. Please check out the report on our work in Jamaica and click through all the pages at the bottom.

We have had some incredibly challenging times in Jamaica and we spent a couple of long days at the wharf in Kingston navigating through all the red tape to get our two shipments, one from London and one from New York, cleared off of the wharf. It was an incredibly steep learning curve and a stressful and frustrating one, but we managed to hold it all together and eventually get our stuff off the wharf with just days to spare before our departure back to London.

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    • Hey there. We will be doing some collections in September and will be posting up about that via our instagram @streetweird so keep an eye out for the info. Thanks for your message.

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