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Resold before Release…7,500 Pairs of Lebron 12s stolen.

LJ Theft

The resell game is crazier than ever but even before the US release of Lebron James’ 12th shoe 7,500 pairs were stolen from a secure storage location (we use secure very loosely here as obviously it wasn’t very). When they were stolen the Lebron 12s had not as yet been released however the shoes had a street value of $1.5 million street value – street value – where has that been used before – is the kick game becoming like the crack game?

Anyways someone by the name of Charles Jennings has allegedly admitted to the theft and apparently sold 700 pairs before getting collared for over 600k. And here were some of us thinking the 12s couldn’t sell! 700 pairs in a week Niketown aren’t even doing as well as that! And technically we know this wasn’t reselling because they hadn’t even dropped yet but you know what we mean! But 700 pairs sold in a week, damn!


This just shows where this whole sneaker game is at and how much money is circulating around these things that keep our feet dry and warm (sometimes).

And this money has got Jordan 11 fans queuing around the block, people selling 700 pairs out of the back of a truck in one week, retailers and collaborateurs trying to beat the resellers, resellers trying to beat ’em back. MAD TIMES!

What are your thoughts? Let us know.

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