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Nike All Conditions Gear…reborn not retroed…for now.


Ahhhh so when we saw the Instagram posts, that ACG triangle, this Thursday, Nikelab we thought we might be seeing some ACG classics coming back, or even a couple retroed and teched up. Alas no, not yet, but maybe soon.

Instead it’s more of a rebirth, ACG comes back but in more modern form, so plenty of black and not a hint of orange, blue or beige. ACG spawns NikeLab ACG dropping some very nice pieces in the collection to keep you safe in all conditions, but more in the metropolis than the great outdoors!

Plenty of Nike tech in here; Nike Tech Fleece, Dri-FIT, Flyknit. With martial arts influences the collection is made to protect from the elements but allow free movement for when you’re running around town, jumping off of buildings, parkouring, fixie riding and all of that. Plenty of pockets too to store keys, mobile phones, metal detectors! We do like this collection although we had hoped for a tech Mowabb or a street ready Okwahn but maybe that might come in subsequent drops.

The first release includes the ACG 2-in-1 men’s jacket, ACG Tech Fleece men’s pants, ACG Tech Fleece Funnel men’s sweatshirt (feeling this, although a little Wang-esque), ACG Pocket men’s T-shirt, ACG Flyknit Trainer Chukka SFB, ACG Lunarterra Arktos and the ACG Responder backpack.

The collections drops globally on Thursday at NikeLab 21 Mercer NYC, NikeLab DSM NYC, Niketown New York, NikeLab 1948 LDN, NikeLab DSM LDN, NikeLab P75 Paris, NikeLab LNZ1 Milan and NikeLab DSM Ginza in Tokyo.










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