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Yeezy – $4 Million to stay at Nike – how much made him go to Adidas?

yeezy SAIC

Yesterday Kanye West gave a lecture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and let the folks there know a little, well big figure about what Nike offered him to stay – $4 Million. So how much did Adidas offer him we wonder? And…interesting that he would turn down 4 million a year which would surely equate to much more than the percentage he would make from his limited Nike sneakers. Would he make more than that in percentage even if they weren’t limited?

See below some snippets from the talk and let us know what you think:

I left Nike because they refused to give me a percentage because I was not an athlete—I don’t have a NDA that says I can’t say this even though it seems wrong to say out loud—I left Nike because they refused to give me a percentage, they also offered me $4 million a year to stay, which is an unknown thing but I’m sure it’ll show up on Hypebeast tomorrow


I wanted people to know that. 

[More Laughter]

And I still left them, because they weren’t giving me the opportunity to grow. They were working off an old business model, and Phil Knight was somewhere on an island. And then, Mark Parker would go and find people who I collaborated with years before, and try to do collaborations with them to seem cool, and as you see, Nike hasn’t done like, one cool thing this year.


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