Ruffnecks, Rudeboys and Rollups – 1990s London Streetwear Culture done right!


We were very lucky to be a part of the Ruffnecks, Rudeboys and Rollups exhibition that took place just a couple of weeks ago at the 5th Base Gallery in London. We managed to get some of the team’s collection out on display so thanks to Angela Philips from 677 Creative for having us.

We were really blown away by the exhibition for its authenticity for being true to a period of street culture that some of us here on the team were very much a part of. Some of the photographs were really amazing and so real were they that some were not the best of quality but that’s how it was back them in the 90s. If you had a camera maybe you had a 35mm compact or even a 110 camera with the flash cube! So just being able to source the pics on display must have been a real feat in itself.

From pics of Londoners in their fly Nike Air Maxes, the short fade haircuts with the clippers engraved patterns, the jackets, the tight rollups, the music and the swagger that people had on the streets of London in the 1990s, Rx3 was so true to all of that.


We caught up with Angela from 677 Fly Creative for a chat about the show:

Ruffnecks, Rudeboys and Rollups is a celebration of a particular subculture. We wanted to do something that paid homage to a very important time in the history of black british culture, fashion and the many elements that evolved from that era.

We believe that now is the perfect time to educate. There has been a huge interest in 90’s fashion and sneakers in particular. Many people are not aware of the subculture that came from London during this time. It was innovative, it was stylish and it was ours! It was a time where we purposely chose not to conform and we did something that reflected us and only us.

There were two things that we wanted to do with this exhibition, firstly we wanted to educate. We wanted people to know where a lot of the style that you see today originates from. This era was the start of many well known sneakerheads journey. This is where we truly found ourselves as individuals and we didn’t apologise for being different, we embraced it. Secondly we wanted to allow the people who were there at the time to be celebrated. I call us the reluctant fashionistas, simply because we didn’t know that what we were creating was historical, through our clothing and our demeanour. It is something that many still fondly talk about to this day.

Whats next for 6:77FlyCreative? Well we want to continue educating through popular culture, we want to show people the history behind much of what is emulated today, through more exhibitions, documentaries and all round media content.

Thanks to everyone that made it down, again BIG UP Angela and her team for an amazing show, for us it ended too quick, we went twice and wanted to go again and again, so we hope to see more and maybe another show soon!

Make sure you click through the amazing pics on the pages below.

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