Adidas Yeezy Boost 350…a proper look


So it’s almost upon us Adidas Yeezy Season 2. It looks like there’s a bunch of retailers this time around but no word yet as to quantities so could still be a 12 pair per retailer deal. Price wise looking at $200 and approximately £150 or around 200 Euros. The one-piece woven upper features a marbled design made from Adidas Primeknit material, along with some fat round laces. Stateside they will be accessible via the adidas Confirmed app in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago so download that now if you’re out that way. For the rest of the world it is set to release on June 27 at select retailers worldwide.

adidas-originals-yeezy-boost-350-00 adidas-originals-yeezy-boost-350-01 adidas-originals-yeezy-boost-350-02 adidas-originals-yeezy-boost-350-05 adidas-originals-yeezy-boost-350-06 adidas-originals-yeezy-boost-350-03

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