Adidas ZX400 SPZL – a closer look

Adidas ZX400 Spezial

We were very lucky earlier this week to meet the man behind the Adidas Spezial collection Gary Aspden along with Franklin AKA King of Trainers at Adidas UK HQ in London. Thanks so much for your time and for giving us both a pair of these amazing ZX400 SPZL to get up close and personal with.

We’ve run a few release pieces on the Spezial collection but was great to actually have a chat with Gary this week and take a pair of the ZX400 home with us. Gary has worked with Adidas since the 90s and since 2014 has been the man behind the Spezial collection creating a modern range that draws inspiration from the past and the immense Adidas archive.

The SS16 draws inspiration from France and French style and whilst Gary has created several inspired remixes for the collection the ZX400 SPZL is a 1:1 reproduction from the original shoe and damn does it look good in the pics with as per often here at TWOTF NO FILTER. Suede on these is amazing with that mesh toebox these are a collector’s shoe for sure. We give a nod to Adidas Don Robert Brooks AKA Brooksy whose initials appear on the tongue and who provided the OG ZX400 for Gary and Adidas to work with.

We’ll shut up now and let the pics do the talking and unfortunately these are sold out in a lot of places so you might have to do some internet scouring to find a pair.

Thanks again Gary for your time and BIG UP Brooksy too and Adidas UK.

Adidas ZX400 Spezial Adidas ZX400 Spezial Adidas ZX400 Spezial Adidas ZX400 Spezial Adidas ZX400 Spezial Adidas ZX400 Spezial Adidas ZX400 Spezial Adidas ZX400 Spezial Adidas ZX400 Spezial TWOTF KOT GA RB

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