Bring back 90s New York…


So as most of you will know from all our social media posts ourselves The King of Trainers and Crep Junkie have just returned from a whirlwind tour of NYC and keep it locked for a full round up of our adventures coming soon.

Whilst we were there we realised (well we knew already tbh) that the golden era of fashion the 1990s and 1990s New York still influences fashion trends today because the trends back then were so dope that they’re pretty much unfuckwitable. And NYC had it on lock in the 90s and everything from the Nikes, the leather jackets, the Timbs influenced fashion culture around the world and the UK and Europe for sure.

So we took to the NY streets with the King and patterned it up with some Patta, some Diadoras, some Timbs, some Supreme, and a little bit of Polo and Tommy Hilfiger too. Check out the pics below…90s New York is alive and well!



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