Size? x Asics Gel Lyte V ‘Far Side of the Moon’


The crew from Size? drop a sick collab this week inspired by the 1959 Lunar 3 Mission to the moon.

Prior to the 1960’s, technological limitations meant we were still left wondering just what was out there in the cold, dark depths of space. The international race was in full flow, with the USSR and USA battling it out to better the previous countries discovery.

Due to the way in which the moon orbits the earth, there was always 41% of it that we’d never seen from our lonely planet, that is, until USSR’s Luna 3 mission in 1959. October 4th saw the first ever photographs of the far side of the moon beamed back to earth, giving us more of a glimpse at the moons surface and the unknown.

Inspired by the suits worn by Soviet astronauts on this historic mission, their latest collaborative project with ASICS TIGER pays homage to this occasion with a two shoe pack featuring the GLV you see here in the pics and also a killer Gel Lyte III.

The olive tones take inspiration from the space program itself and the powerfully graphic propaganda imagery used in 1959 to promote the exploration by the Soviet program. The ‘Castlerock’ and ‘Clay’ accents nod to our orbiting moon, and a Russian translation of ‘Luna 3’ sits on the tongue branding of the shoe to continue the theme visible throughout.

The size? x ASICS TIGER ‘Far Side of the Moon’ pack will be available online and in size? stores on Friday 10th February, with the Gel Lyte III priced at £105, and the Gel Lyte V priced at £110.

Additionally, the first customers purchasing from our Manchester, Meadowhall, Carnaby St, Amsterdam, Paris and Bordeuax stores will have the opportunity to receive one of the limited edition boxes, patches and pin sets pictured below. These are available in extremely limited quantities on a first come first serve basis.


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