Djinns x Differantly Easy Run

DJINN'S Lookbook Pic

Djinns and German duo of artists Differantly team up for a dope collab on the Easy Run combining premium materials with the Differantly line drawings for a slick sick shoe. And there’s a matching snapback too!

With our distinctive unbroken line style, we employ highly refined drawing techniques to depict familiar mass-produced objects, as well as elements of the living world, thus exploring concepts such as continuity, identity and mortality. The core of our work consists in playing with lines and deconstructing complex imagery into minimalist two dimensional art, blurring boundaries between realism and reinterpretation.

For our collaboration with DJINN’S we wanted to keep faithful to our minimalist yet playful style. We opted for sober elegant colors and created a bit of an absurd pattern referring to a weapon threesome (including a mighty banana) and we reinterpreted DJINN’S logo in one single line. That was a blast.

Available now via DJINNS.EU

DJINN'S Pic by Paul GÑrtner 1DJINN'S Pic by Paul GÑrtner 2DJINN'S Pic by Paul GÑrtner 3



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