Diadora N9000 x AFEW ‘Highly Addictive’

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Meet Dr. Wefa, the Head Scientist of the Sneaker Research Institute in Düsseldorf, Germany. Afew Store designed the Diadora V7000 ‘Highly Addictive’ with him and finished the chemical composition, which will give the owner that ‘Sneaker High’ feeling.

To get the best quality possible, the Diadora V7000 were produced in Italy, which is known for best results when it comes to shoe manufacturing. You’ll find different premium materials all over the V7000, such as Kangaroo leather, Pigskin Suede, furry suede, leather lining and engineered mesh to get the best of both worlds. Quality with a touch of a running attitude. The Afew crew also created some unique details, like the Pill Logo on the heel, and sick bespoke insoles. The colorway is a remix of fresh ingredients, with a mint and coral color scheme, dipped in a white underlay.

To complete the sneaker addiction story, they put the ‘Highly Addictive’ N9000s in a that prescription type medical packaging, fully sneaker sized of course. Like a pill, you have to pop out the shoes from the Afew sneaker blister pack. Numbers are very limited and the ‘Highly Addicted’ pack will release instore and by online raffle don’t sleep!

More release info HERE

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