Converse 70 x The Produce Section ‘Fru-i-tion’


‘Fresh Served Daily’ is the creed of The Produce Section Clothing, a brand that derives its inspiration from healthy living. Founder Cracckicks has always had a passion for sneakers which led him to a produce a limited customised run of the Converse 70′ as Phase 1 of his Fru·i·tion Collection. And those healthy looking feet will promote healthy eating and healthy living.

The kicks feature fruits printed across the medial and lateral of the silhouette and “The Produce Section” on the tongue. Subtle detailing appears even on the eyelets as some pairs have them painted in gloss, some in matte.

Only 20 pairs were created. NO PAIR IS THE SAME. And this might be the first and only run of this design so if you want a pair we’d suggest you get on the case ASAP! The Fru·i·tion Converse 70′ custom is available now.

Contact Cracckicks via Instagram to see what sizes remain and hopefully you’ll get lucky.


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