FanGirl and Clarks come together to Celebrate Black Women with #InHerShoes

Despite the contribution of Black Women to popular culture and culture in general often their stories go untold. And whilst across the world the style of Black Women has been taken by others or used in big brand ad campaigns, shaping the PR campaigns and bank balances of many brands, often the story of Black Women and the Black Community remains in large part untold. And it is a shame that these stories are not told, that the richness of culture and history, the energy within our amazing Black Women often does not feature in these campaigns, in all this PR. This has to change. FOR REAL.

So with that said we would like to salute FanGirl and Clarks for this brand new campaign and platform entitled #InHerShoes that documents the untold stories of Black Women as we mentioned above, and aims to follow the steps of Black Women moving forward in all walks… To celebrate the start of this movement Clarks have created limited editions T-shirts and have customised the classic Wallabee.

Big shouts to the Black Women who will be telling their stories and massive shouts to Rani Patel and Reem Berger for making this happen. And big up Ashley Verse for the photography. MUCH NEEDED.

Read more over on the FanGirl IG HERE.

Salute!!! NUFF LOVE! We will keep you all posted as the campaign moves forward…. FORWARD EVER…


Brands – @Fangirl_wrld 
Brands – @Clarksoriginals 

Production Team 

Creative Director & Director – @ranipatelw
Photographer – @ashleyverse
1st AD – @sebdegni
Cinematographer – @tobyfilm
Camera Assistant – @africanwarlock
Set Design – @adeyumyum
Editors – @sebdegni & @tobyfilm
Photographer’s Assistant – Ally Mckenzie
Make-up Artist – Mata_Marielle
Make-up Assistant – Marie Reitner
Production Runner – @pink._.sockedhoe
Music – Raheaven “7AM” @raheaven 
Graphics – @_katieling

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