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King Lebron James Championship Pack Nike LeBron X PS Elite LeBron X Low

LebronXChamp3   LebronXChamp4


BOOM! Lebron and the Miami Heat did it again. So Nike got in right when they printed those insoles. To mark the occasion they’re rolling out the Lebron Championship pack to include the PS Elite and the Low and 2 caps to match. Looks like these might be a 2 in a box pair judging from the size of the box in the pictures. What sucks is that these will be a North America and China ONLY release which sucks for those of us in the UK that were hoping to bag a pair, might need a hookup here!

Well done the Heat!

LebronXChamp1       LebronXChamp2

LebronXChamp6       LebronXChamp5

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