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Nike Wmns Air Max 1 VT QS ‘Mint Choc Chip’

AM1MintChocChip1   AM1MintChocChip2   AM1MintChocChip3

Anyone for a minty chocolate?

I’m calling this the Air Max 1 Mint Choc Chip or maybe they should be called the Air Max 1 Mint Aero. I think I’m still on the fence a bit about these but then I like that minty green but then think that the brown looks a bit turdish…..hmmmmmmm. Nike have applied the Vac Tech to the minty part but not to the rest of the shoe which is interesting to say the least. I guess these are gonna be a bit of a marmite shoe…what do you think of them?

Either way like all the Max 1s I’m sure these’ll fly out of the shops and I’m sure all the premium retailers will be stocking these soon.

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