A pair a day

A pair a day for a year, Pair 15, Adidas Rod Laver


The Grand Slam Master…

From Mastermind JAPAN to the Grand Slam Master. Keeping with the tennis flavour I bring you a pair of Adidas Rod Lavers, the signature shoe of one of the greatest tennis players and the only man to have twice won the Grand Slam, no mean feat, that’s right the only tennis player to ever do this, ever ever ever. That’s history.

This version of the shoe since being retroed has come to be known as the Rod Laver II however I think that this is the Rod Laver, the shoe that he was known best for wearing. The earlier version with a slimmer silhouette and round toe box which has been retroed much in recent years was less worn by the great Australian tennis player.

For me this shoe is just so simple and yet so classic. Grey and white that’s it but a timeless classic. I’ve worn these a lot but they;re still in good condition despite the lining being worn away from the wear. And bringing ’em out for the Feeture has made me wanna rock ’em tomorrow, as long as rain doesn’t stop wear.

Pair 15 of 365, Adidas Rod Laver.



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