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Air Jordan 4 Retro Fire Red/Cement Grey Toro Bravo, soon very soon

air-jordan-4-retro-fire-red-cement-grey-toro-bravo-1       air-jordan-4-retro-fire-red-cement-grey-toro-bravo-3


Jordan IVs are most probably my favourite pair of Jordans. They just seemed so ahead of their time when they were released with the ankle strap and the side mesh. And Spike Lee rocked ’em hard in Do the Right Thing. This red Toro Bravo makeup – it’s just that striking red that makes you want these in your collection. I am sure these will as per usual have the same complaints about Jordan brand and the lack of quality and we would all want that Durabuck stuff to be thicker and not seem so flimsy. But the bottom line is that these’ll get got mainly for the timeless Jordan IV silhouette. And me personally if I had to choose something that these should have on them I’d take the Nike Air on the back over better Nubuck any day.

These’ll be hitting retailers on July 13, think there could be a rush on these.

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