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Slickness with colour – Adidas Y-3 Qasa Black Neon

adidas-y3-qasa-black-neon-3-900x600       adidas-y3-qasa-black-neon-1

We already featured the all black version of the Qasa from Yohji Yamamoto and the Y-3 crew and here it comes again but with some nice bright neon colour thrown in there. Some are calling these wannabe Roshes or wannabe Prestos I’m calling them straight up dope. Price is premium as usual which I think is the only downside – like 250 squids. But still they are dope and I am loving that sole.

adidas-y3-qasa-black-neon-8-900x600       adidas-y3-qasa-black-neon-2-900x600

adidas-y3-qasa-black-neon-7-900x600       adidas-y3-qasa-black-neon-4-900x600

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