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Elephant Print not just for Nikes and Jordans – Losers Schooler Classic

losers-schooler-classic-lo-hi-elephant-02       losers-schooler-classic-lo-hi-elephant-10-570x380

That’s right Japan’s Losers Footwear can do Elephant print too. Hitting their Schooler Hi and Lo with the Elephant print they prove that it works on a simple base silhouette too. I love the Losers shoes and they prove here that they can drop edgy designs that complement their more classic, simpler make ups. And they’ve done this from their early drops too with those fighter jet inspired Uneakers that are just killer. These work and have flown off the shelves at Losers stockists might be the bay for these or….come on Footpatrol!

losers-schooler-classic-lo-hi-elephant-05-570x380       losers-schooler-classic-lo-hi-elephant-03-570x380

losers-schooler-classic-lo-hi-elephant-07-570x380       losers-schooler-classic-lo-hi-elephant-12-570x380

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