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The Classics continue – Livestock x Reebok Classic – Dropping August 1

Livestock-Reebok-Classic-Leather-Lux-4       Livestock-Reebok-Classic-Leather-Lux-1

So the ante is being upped and upped with every member of the Reebok certified network that drops a 30th anniversary Reebok classic and as I stared at these pics from London’s Footpatrol I was like damn these are good. Three colours make these seriously slick. That dark and smooth base and the hits of teal which show respect to Livestock’s home in Canada, as the colour of the Vancouver Grizzlies. Then add to that the yellow and eff me these are serious. The black on black Reebok above the stripes, the two lines of perforations on the toebox and that leather lining. Canada and Livestock stand up! These are dropping in a few hours at Footpatrol in London.

Livestock-Reebok-Classic-Leather-Lux-3       Livestock-Reebok-Classic-Leather-Lux-5

Livestock-Reebok-Classic-Leather-Lux-8       Livestock-Reebok-Classic-Leather-Lux-2

Livestock-Reebok-Classic-Leather-Lux-6       Livestock-Reebok-Classic-Leather-Lux-7

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