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Losers become Winners – Autumn/Winter Preview

LOSERS_FW13_1-720x420       LOSERS_FW13_7-630x420

Winning kicks.

We’re big fans of Japanese Footwear Brand Losers here at The Word on the Feet and they are most definitely going from strength to strength in terms of the creativity and these preview shots of the Autumn Winter 2013 releases are proof of that. We’re gonna let the pics do the talking here but we are loving the corduroy shark joints, those blue cements and the red two fingers up schooler los are bangers! Great stuff!

LOSERS_FW13_2-630x420       LOSERS_FW13_4-630x420

LOSERS_FW13_5-630x420       LOSERS_FW13_3-630x420

LOSERS_FW13_10-630x420       LOSERS_FW13_8-630x420

LOSERS_FW13_6-630x420       LOSERS_FW13_9-630x420

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