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Reebok Ventilator OG Pink – CLASSICS

NeW_NEW_Reebok_Ventilator_OG_Sneaker_Politics6_1024x1024       NeW_NEW_Reebok_Ventilator_OG_Sneaker_Politics5_1024x1024

Ok the Reebok Ventilator is one of Reebok’s greatest shoes and as you might be able to tell from an opening line like this we are big fans here at The Word on the Feet. So these are definitely a welcome retro. In the sick OG pink colourway and for those wondering yes it wasn’t just Jordans that had that elephant cement ish, the boks dropped that too. Amazing pics from the crew at Sneaker Politics as always, they are available there now.

NeW_NEW_Reebok_Ventilator_OG_Sneaker_Politics1_1024x1024       NeW_NEW_Reebok_Ventilator_OG_Sneaker_Politics10_1024x1024

NeW_NEW_Reebok_Ventilator_OG_Sneaker_Politics12_1024x1024       NeW_NEW_Reebok_Ventilator_OG_Sneaker_Politics11_1024x1024

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