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Nike Air Max 90 Sneakerboot – yeah it works!

nike-air-max-90-sneakerboot-collection-14       nike-air-max-90-sneakerboot-collection-03


Now this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Max 90 in a boot form. They dropped the 90 boot a few years back and that worked and these do too. They’ve lightened the load on these with the Hyperfuse upper and that silky Huarache-esque inner coller will keep these nice and snug on foot this winter. Looks like there’s gonna be a bunch of colourways dropping – which ones take your fancy? These are starting to appear all over NOW.

nike-air-max-90-sneakerboot-collection-02       nike-air-max-90-sneakerboot-collection-01

nike-air-max-90-sneakerboot-collection-09       nike-air-max-90-sneakerboot-collection-05

nike-air-max-90-sneakerboot-collection-13       nike-air-max-90-sneakerboot-collection-11

nike-air-max-90-sneakerboot-collection-12       nike-air-max-90-sneakerboot-collection-08

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