Terrence Adegbenle – the man with the Jordans Painting


Sneaker Inspired Art but much more that a Sneaker Inspired Artist

Terrence ‘Tbo Art’ Adegbenle is a 31 year old full time artist and a qualified art teacher living in London. Despite being a qualified art teacher Terrence chooses to concentrate on being an artist. His work caught our eye because of its connection to sneaker culture but after being lucky enough to get an interview with the man himself we learnt much more about this very talented artist.

TWOTF – Terrence tell us a bit about yourself and your journey that led to today and you being a full time artist.

TA – As a teenager I attended the BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology in London, there I met a lot of creative and artistic people and it was here that my art really began to flourish. I even won an art competition whilst there. After that I studied at Camberwell College of Art in South London and later still at the London College of Printing. I was then lucky enough to receive a loan from the Prince’s Trust that enabled me to further concentrate on my art. After that I studied Fine Art at University and later still obtained my UK teaching qualification.

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