Terrence Adegbenle – the man with the Jordans Painting

TWOTF – So tell us about the sneaker art is that a speciality of yours?


TA – No not at all, I specialise in Portraiture but was given the idea to paint a pair of trainers, or sneakers as they would say in the US by my friends who organise the sneaker and lifestyle event Fresh Laces. I’m grateful because they encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and take on creating a representation of a pair of trainers, something I had not done before.

TWOTF – There are a lot of artists out there producing sneaker-inspired artwork how does your work differ to that of other artists?

TA – There is some really amazing sneaker art out there and some amazing artists. My sneaker pieces I guess have my own touch on them and I incorporated techniques that I have used when creating some of my other works. What I really wanted was for the pieces that I created to have real depth to them. So that whoever was looking at them could really look deep into the pieces. That was very important for me and I think I achieved that.

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