Terrence Adegbenle – the man with the Jordans Painting

TWOTF – We think there is much more to you an artist than this amazing painting of a pair of Jordans tell us more about some of your other work.

TA – Oh yes, much much more. I have drawn inspiration from artists such as Charles White and Diego Rivera, those that specialised in portraiture but portraits that had a strong sense of symbolism embedded within them.  Much of my art has a direct connection with my community, that is my inspiration too as is the struggle of my community and the African Diaspora. But I won’t be pigeonholed as an artist that only draws or paints black people. That is incorrect. I am driven by issues that affect my community and that manifests itself in my art. It is not something that I will play down just to suit others, or to fit in, or to open doors for myself as an artist because it is in many ways the essence of my work.


I want to make changes in the field of art, to change the perceptions and in particular the opinions of those that say because you’re from a certain background or from a certain part of town art is not a path you should take. Art doesn’t have a race or a colour and should be for everyone!


LOGIC terrenceade-522e56b814e31c6       TY - terrenceade-522e56bf14e31d2

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