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Puma Disc Blaze x Ronnie Fieg COA Paris + UK release info

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Oh yes – not even thirteen days into the New Year and of course it only took a couple of weeks for Mr. Fieg to get his first release out for 2014 and to get us out with the boots, coats and sleeping bags for the release of the Coat of Arms Puma Disc Blaze.

Now aside from the hype that will undoubtedly surround this release let’s not get it twisted the Puma Disc Blaze is up there as one of the best tech runners EVER EVER! Launched in 1992 these still look futuristic and we here at The Word on the Feet are massive fans of the Disc Blazes.

The Fieg roadshow takes his COA Disc Blazes to Paris for a special Kith pop up store that’ll be open slap bang in the middle of Paris Fashion Week opening from January 16-22. In true Ronnie Fieg fashion if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, the Disc Blaze Coves were very well done indeed and it could be argued that there are some little touches on these that might make these just that touch better, after all isn’t it all in the details?

These do look good from that toebox and the added mudguard and dropping in what’s described as Mint and Coral, with premium leather and delicate touches of 3M. And some very DARK black.

Ronnie says these are one of his favourite shoes and quite frankly it shows from the design work and detailing on these Blazes.

So down to business how are you gonna cop a pair? Ok it’s gonna be camping  I think folks already know that. For the Paris crew or the crew prepared to do the international sneaker campout you’re gonna have to camp each night during the period that the pop up store is open to get one of 84 tickets given out each day that’ll allow you JUST ONE PAIR. 84 pairs a day sounds like a lot, definitely coppable? We’ll have to see. Twitter crew @KITHset with be letting people know when all 84 tickets for each day have been given out….but I’m sure folks will be right outside so they might not need that.

Price: 165 Euros

Here’s the address:

Kith COA Paris Pop-Up Shop
23 Rue De Roi De Sicile
Paris, France

LONDON CREW – they will be dropping in very limited numbers on February 1st at Dover Street Market…we’re sensing this might be a 2-dayer.











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