The King’s Comments…Yeezy made me do it!



HA!!! The King Is Back, Back, Back again… It’s funny ’cause when you read the above Rap Line from the one and only Kanye West from his song ‘God Flow’ off  of the Good Music Cruel Summer album… The funny thing is most of us Sneakerheads were like Kanye you arrogant so and so…Even when Kanye said he made the most relevant trainer of all time…

So now the date is Sunday February 9th 6:00pm GMT and my cousin rings me and says with a panic they are out they are out then I look at my phone at the same time and I am being tweeted and hit up on Instagram by virtually everyone in the UK trainer community…My phone crashed and people were tweeting me from all over the place it was a madness…

Nike.com worldwide just put it out. It was a tweet to a link and then that was it … The Yeezys had the whole world going nuts…

red-october-yeezy-nikestore-03-570x575       red-october-yeezy-nikestore-02-570x572

So it does make you think back to the 1st line of this piece did Yeezy’s Jump over the Jumpman? Did Kanye West make the most hype shoe of all time???

The answer…  Love it or Hate it is a big fat YES! The Yeezy Red Octobers… In fact the Yeezys as a whole both 1 and 2  + all colours have been the most anticipated trainers of all time. That’s why the man named Kanye West can act arrogant and self centered all he wants ’cause any Trainer that he puts his name to people go crazy for, especially the Nike Air Yeezys. With yesterday’s release of the Red Octobers Nike kinda proved Kanye’s point for him and he knew, the minute that tweet went out on a Sunday and it was a random Sunday where Stateside people should have been in church… Nike actually made people choose between Jesus and Yeezus Loool.

Anyway the point I am making is, Nike if you’re reading this and the Reps too…Listen Kanye West is the MAAAAAN give the guy whatever he wants, he will come up with the goods and produce the hype every time… I mean what other trainer has had that much heat or even close??? Had the internet literally upset…Lol. Kanye West must be somewhere whistling buoy!!

kanye-west-wearing-nike-yeezy-2-red-october       kanye-west-adidas

It does ask  the question. Will this ever happen again? I mean who the hell is that big enough or in fashion, music, sports? Maybe Kanye has the answers now..

Until the next time…

Who Kopped?

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