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Have the trainer companies run out of new ideas???

Ok so I’m back in the building after a brief trip to Manchester shout out to the Fresh Laces and Harvey Nichols teams for hosting a great event and receiving the King in all his crown, gown and glory!!

So recently if you have been stuck under a trainer box for the past couple of years you will notice that ALL the trainer companies have been re – re retroing their old styles like crazy recently… the Infrared 6’s got re-re-released, and Reebok have just dropped 100 different colours of their famous pump models, and oh not forgetting the ever so eventful return of Sir Stan…

jordan-6s-february-2014        Reebok-Pump-Omni-Lite

It seems to me that trainer companies are either capitalising on that fact they know we are all going to rush out and buy a re-retro, or they haven’t actually got any more ideas of anything new that is going to smash it!! Oh sorry, sorry they have got something new… Nike/Jordan Brand have new Roshe Run colours and Drake, and Adidas have ZX Flux and Kanye  and Reebok have er, er what new things has Reebok got? Someone please let me know, and all the other companies have Ronnie Fieg.. Good Old Ronnie!!

jordan-brand-to-release-og-air-jordan-1-retro-high-white-varsity-red-black-1        jordan13hgg-copy

adidas-zx-flux-lightning-01-570x399        nike-roshe-run-qs-two-faced-pack-1

But when you really think of it will there ever be another iconic range like the Jordans (1 to 13 for me) or will Reebok ever release a new trainer? LOL… Or are we to blame because we are all living with that feeling of nostalgia when we see an old pair of Trainers from the 80’s/90’s that just got released in a bright red colourway. I actually think the Yeezys will be the last new-ish trainer that gets that crazy hype! (I still think Nike missed a trick by not just feeding the ego of the God Yeezus)

No seriously you tell me what’s next I’m serious what is next I get what Adidas did with the ZX flux, but was that a new trainer or a remixed stripped down version of an very old (but good) trainer…Even the new Jordan future has an 11 sole??

Before you guys start cussing me I ain’t, I ain’t bitching I am just putting the debate out there what is next??? I can’t lie I am actually quite excited to see what Kanye will do with Adidas, will it have the same effect as his Nike collab? Ummm….

1600x900q80        adidas-running-springblade-razor-04

Lool seriously I am puzzled what was the last NEW, NEW trainer you purchased that you cherish like an old one? I wanna know this!! (And you can’t tell me the Sneakerboot Lol) And I guess as would all the trainer companies, but I guess this is where they get us ’cause they are really going hard with the Re-Re Retro’s. I really believe that all the trainer companies are milking the Re-Re Retro game now but can you blame them?

It’s like that and that’s the way it is!

Until we meet again!!

Peace and Retweets

That Guy in a Crown & Cape

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